Company Profile

Pan Era Group is a quality oriented organization dedicated to nature.

Pan Era Group is one of Indonesia's leading company in the recycling of plastic waste. Pan Era Group is an organization formed in 2011, and is comprised of two companies, PT Elastis Reka Aktif and PT Elite Recycling Indonesia.

Pan Era Group focuses on plastic products, especially those made from Polyethylene, and the manufacturing of plastic bags.

We believe that recycling is one of the main solution for the environmental sustainability problems. By doing recycling activities, not only will the amount of waste that circulate in the environment be reduced, public can also enjoy high quality products that were produced with less energy. The reduction of energy consumption will have positive effects and help reduce the current environmental problems we currently face. Some examples of current environmental problems include global warming and limited energy resources. Armed with this depth of belief, we center our available resources into the development of recycling activities.

Quality is a very important aspect in Pan Era Group. Our philosophy of quality has been embedded into the minds of our organization. Our quality control schemes are designed in such a way as to be able to meet these demands.

We never cease to continue to develop our enterprise systems in order to obtain high quality management system and we push our capabilities and responsibilities to exceed customers' expectations at any time.