PT Elastis Reka Aktif

Business Line: Plastic Bags

Jalan Kapuk Raya No. 88 E, F, G
Jakarta Utara
DKI Jakarta 14460

Company profile:

PT Elastis Reka Aktif was founded in 1988 under the name of PD Era Plastik. Initially, PD Era Plastik only engaged in the processing of plastic waste and in the sale and purchase of plastic waste.

However, along with its growth, and in order to support PD Era Plastik's further development, in 2004 PD Era Plastik has become PT Elastis Reka Aktif. Until this day however, it is still more commonly known as ERA Plastik.

Progressing from the field of recycling of plastic waste, The activity of recycling plastic waste gave PT Elastis Reka Aktif its identity and this has become an inspiration for Pan Era Group

Not long after, PT Elastis Reka Aktif starts its production of plastic bags with the brand LOCO, which has now become Indonesia's most well known plastic bag brand in the market for its quality.

Plastic bag LOCO is produced with prime material from recycled plastic waste processed by the company.

The increased value of the finished products are based on PT Elastis Reka Aktif understanding of the philosophy of recycling, which is, the return of waste to the highest possible level in the hierarchical ladder of product life cycle.