LOCO is one of the brands from Pan Era Group. With LOCO, we are committed to produce recycled plastic bags as our effort to promote environmental sustainability. As a leading brand in recycled plastic bags, LOCO has several products that are 100% made from plastic waste. We have been transforming plastic waste into raw materials for our plastic bags. Furthermore, our products can also be recycled.

Our aim is to create a positive environment through real actions. We intend to produce sustainable products, those that can help create a better future. This way, we are participating in creating a positive recycled plastic ecosystem in Indonesia, as well as taking part in the transition towards a circular economy.

What makes our products different from others?

Our plastic bags are odorless

They have gone through a thorough process, so unlike other plastic bags made from recycled material, our products do not emit unpleasant odor.


Our plastic bags are not prone to tear

Our raw materials are selected from high quality recycled material.


Our plastic bags are also verified

LOCO has been verified by Ekolabel, and is produced in facilities that have been certified with SNI ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015. Thus ensuring that we can deliver quality products to our customers while managing our impact to the environment.

To learn more about our LOCO, please visit  LOCO.co.id

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